Statement of Purpose

The mission of the NCGR-Professional Astrologers' Alliance is to serve as a trade association to promote the common interests of astrologers and to improve the status of the profession of astrology primarily through the implementation of a certification program, the promotion of high ethical standards in the practice of astrology, as well as any other matters relevant to the professional astrologer.


History of NCGR-PAA's Certification Program

NCGR's Education and Certification Program, recognized internationally for its rigor and excellence since 1979, has been one of NCGR's cherished achievements.  With the 2008 formation of the NCGR-Professional Astrologers' Alliance (NCGR-PAA), NCGR's prior certification program has been transferred to PAA in its entirety, thus continuing NCGR's historical educational program begun more than a quarter of a century ago. 

The NCGR-PAA will now administer the 4 Levels of certification testing based on the same educational curriculum as before and as found in the Education Curriculum and Study Guide for Certification Testing.  To order a copy of the Study Guide, click here.

Your Path to Certification

NCGR-PAA's Curriculum & Study Guide 2015

Our newly updated Study Guide for 2015 encompasses all four levels of NCGR-PAA's Certification Program. It includes new material on traditional, Hellenic, Vedic, Chinese and Mesoamerican schools of astrology.

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Equivalency Program

Guidelines for Schools in NCGR-PAA's Equivalency Program

As part of NCGR-PAA's equivalency requirements, all schools and organizations included in our program have submitted documentation on their overall curriculum, specific courses of study, number of instructors, students enrolled, and other pertinent information.

We are pleased to list below those distinguished schools and organizations currently included in our Equivalency Program.

A detailed explanation of our equivalency standards and how we implement them can be found here.

Equivalency Members

The American Federation of Astrologers:
With proof of AFA's Professional certification, an applicant may apply directly for NCGR-PAA's Level III testing.

The Avalon School of Astrology:
With proof of graduation from Avalon, an applicant may apply directly for NCGR-PAA's Level IV testing.

Kepler College Of Astrological Arts & Sciences:
With proof of completion of Kepler's Certificate Program (including courses M101 and M201 - Chart Mechanics), an applicant may apply directly for NCGR-PAA's Level IV testing.

International Academy of Astrology (formerly Online College of Astrology):
With proof of a Professional Training Diploma, an applicant may apply directly for NCGR-PAA's Level IV testing.