Statement of Purpose

The mission of the NCGR-Professional Astrologers' Alliance is to serve as a trade association to promote the common interests of astrologers and to improve the status of the profession of astrology primarily through the implementation of a certification program, the promotion of high ethical standards in the practice of astrology, as well as any other matters relevant to the professional astrologer.


Benefits of NCGR-PAA


  • Become a certified astrological professional.
  • Receive a listing on the NCGR-PAA website.

Professional Empowerment Program (PEP)

  • Learn skills needed to run a business from business planning to marketing strategies.
  • Develop consulting and listening skills to better serve your clients.

Professional Development Opportunities

(In development stage)
  • Attend online training, conferences, and other special activities designed to improve professional skills.
  • Participate in networking forums, both online and through local groups, meeting to discuss matters relevant to the astrological profession.


(In development stage)
  • Receive Enews of information relevant to the astrological profession.
  • Receive magazine with information relevant to the astrological profession.
  • Participate in special interest groups focusing on topics of interest to members.


(In development stage)
  • Stay current with local, state, and federal legislation pertaining to the practice of astrology.
  • Receive assistance in promoting public information campaigns and events such as International Astrology Day.

Links to Other Astrological Organizations

  • Supporting the efforts of other astrological organizations, NCGR-PAA offers links to other organizations.


Your Path to Certification

NCGR-PAA's Curriculum & Study Guide 2015

Our newly updated Study Guide for 2015 encompasses all four levels of NCGR-PAA's Certification Program. It includes new material on traditional, Hellenic, Vedic, Chinese and Mesoamerican schools of astrology.

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