NCGR-PAA Certification
Special Note to NCGR members and others who wish to take one of the proficiency exams for certification (Levels I, II, III, or IV):  All prior NCGR exams are now administered (as of March 31, 2009) through PAA.     Membership in NCGR will entitle test takers to a test fee discount.

Please also note that all those who have passed any and all previous NCGR exams still retain their standing for the particular Level of exam they have passed.  The only thing that has changed is that tests will now be administered through PAA, and certificates will be issued through the new organization. 


The PAA Curriculum and Certification Program offers many learning options to students of astrology who wish to improve their understanding of the subject and attain certification of their accomplishments. Students may take courses from any number of sources including those provided by teachers for the many NCGR chapters, from teachers associated with other organizations, from schools - or they may be self-taught. There are equivalency programs (see below) as well. What the PAA Curriculum and Certification Program does is provide a set of standards that were originally designed to be the equivalent of a 4-year college major in astrology.  The program has been revised and improved since its origination in 1979 and continues to evolve. Prospective students are advised to inquire organizations and schools about their offerings. Any educational programs that are sometimes offered by PAA will be found on the announcements page of this website. 

The PAA Curriculum and Certification Program is divided into four progressive levels L-I, L-II, L-III, L-IV. The first three levels require testing supervised in person by PAA exam monitors. Part of Level III and all of Level IV are take- home tests. The only exception to monitored testing is when a particular school has gained equivalency to any of the first three exams; Level IV must always be taken through the PAA Examiners.

The Study Guide provides the areas of study necessary to complete each examination; each level becomes increasingly more detailed as the student progresses. Astronomy for astrologers is studied on Levels I and II. Ethical concerns in astrological practice are addressed throughout the program. Students are encouraged to engage in additional studies in counseling skills and other fields related to their intended focus in one or more of the following areas, or "majors": consulting, technical research, general studies,
and instruction, each with its own specific requirements.

Students who have passed the requirements of Level-IV, in any one of the four "majors," and have agreed to uphold PAA's ethical standards of practice, are entitled to use the letters C.A., (for Certified Astrologer), PAA (for National Council for Geocosmic Research-Professional Astrologers Alliance), after their name on publications and promotional items. All such Certified Astrologers are also eligible to join the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).
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Please also take note that PAA offers an Equivalency Program with the following astrological entities:

    American Federation of Astrologers

    International Academy of Astrology

    Kepler College for Astrological Education


Those who have achieved professional certification (PMAFA) from the American Federation of Astrologers may enter our certification testing program at Level III, by-passing our Levels I and II exams. 


Those who have graduated from the International Academy of Astrology or Kepler College for Astrological Education may enter our certification testing program at Level IV, by-passing our Levels I, II, and III exams. 

For further information on our Equivalency Program, contact our Education Director: