PAA (Professional Astrologers' Alliance) is proud to announce the publication of the 2015 revised Study Guide, offering with this new edition an improved version of its classic work on test preparation for PAA's certification program. 


This new edition has many additional features including: 


     * an expanded syllabus of each of the four exam Levels

     * a whole new section on chart calculations

     * new astronomical illustrations for greater clarity

     * improved astronomical information

     * a re-organized segment on house divisions

     * an updated bibliography for each Level of testing 




The Study Guide's usual comprehensive curriculum is still provided, including; Classical Astrology; Uranian, Horary, Electional, Mundane, and Relationship Astrology; informative techniques for Vedic, Chinese, and Mesoamerican Astrology; fixed stars; derived houses; lunar phases; the history of astrology; and so much more -- in sum, the full gamut of required astrological knowledge, from basic to advanced. 


This 2015 edition of the Study Guide is issued in a new 6" x 9" textbook-like format, with 174 information-packed pages.  Indeed, beyond its use as a specific guide to PAA's testing and certification program, it can also serve as an informal textbook for those who wish to study independently, since it covers in detailed outline form a full astrological education that can be supplemented with further instruction as needed.  


Still priced at $20 plus postage, the new edition can be purchased here on this very website using credit card or Paypal. You may also order by mail and pay by check using our new mail order option! Payment information directions will be found during checkout. Click on any study guide images or click HERE!