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           Professional Astrologers’ Alliance (PAA)
   Traditional Testing Procedure (personal proctoring)

1)  Make sure that your preparations have covered the curriculum, as described in the Study Guide as well as here on this website: Certification


2) Request to register for the exam by writing to PAA Education Director Cathy Coleman at   


- The exam level you wish to take

- Your Name

- Email address

- Phone number

- Postal address

- The approximate date you wish to take your exam


 The PAA response will include details for the following steps:


3.  Arrange for proctoring – two options:


a.  Identify an individual who is qualified-authorized by PAA, who will be willing to proctor your test on a date/time/location agreed on by both of you.  PAA can help you identify such a person. Contact that person to complete the arrangement.


b.  Register with a PAA approved proctoring service. This service may be through a library, college, or professional proctoring establishment. You may start by inquiring with your local library or college.


4)  Pay the exam fee


5)  Confirm your exam date/time/location directly with your chosen testing venue.


6)  The exam paperwork (hardcopy) will be mailed directly to your proctor prior to the date of the test, by PAA.


7)  When the test is completed, the proctor will collect all the paperwork from you, including all scratch paper, and will mail it back to PAA.


8)  What to bring with you to the test:

Ephemeris (20th and 21st century),  Table of Houses,  Calculator

Blank scratch paper,  Writing tools

What not to bring:  Printed instructions or other printed tables

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