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​​Change in Calculation Requirements

From: NCGR-PAA Board

To:  All students, teachers and examiners

Re:  Changes to Exam Requirements


It has become very difficult to find affordable or up-to-date copies of the Atlas and Time Changes books (both new and used), and so it has been decided to not require using them at the exams, as of this month July 1, 2018. Instead, the necessary data (Longitude, Latitude, Time Zone, per the specific charts calculations) will be provided along with the exam forms. This change is inevitable as the appropriate books are not being published anymore and most of the used copies are outdated editions. If a student taking the exam still wants to use the Atlases for the test that's OK, but it will not be necessary.



When teaching/practicing chart calculations, you may still use the atlases to locate the information, teach how to find data online, or provide it yourself. However, this does not eliminate the need for the student to know how to use the data in the calculation, and the need to understand the dynamics of the time-zones.


Suggested online sources for teaching/practice purpose:

Time Zones:

Geographical coordinates: