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              Professional Astrologers Alliance (PAA)



We are Happy to Make Two Important Announcements:


1. Level-II certification exam is now available online.  


2. Our website has been updated to reflect the new online changes.


About Level-II Certification Exam

Level-II curriculum has been updated and upgraded, to make the material more streamlined, better organized,
and more comprehensive.


The specific goals of the revised Level-II exam are to:

 - Broaden the knowledge of both astronomy and astrology

 - Demonstrate ability to delineate a natal chart

 - Insure knowledge and skills in calculations of predictive technique

 - Integrate predictive techniques for a comprehensive event analysis


At this point, both L-I and L-II  and the proctored part of L-III are available online.

When/if necessary, in-person on-paper exams are also available.

Go to the different menu tabs to explore all your options.


The information includes:

 - The PAA Professional Certification program

 - Detailed Study curriculum

 - Explanations on the exam procedures, for both online and in-person

 - Application and registration for the various exam levels


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