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              Professional Astrologers Alliance (PAA)


                      Get Tested in AstroMéxico


                           Saturday July 29th PAA exams in Mexico city

                           To register, contact at least with one week in advance, 
                           Monica Escalante at


We are Happy to Make Two Important Announcements:


1. Level-II certification exam is now available online.  


2. Our website has been updated to reflect the new online changes.


About Level-II Certification Exam

Level-II curriculum has been updated and upgraded, to make the material more streamlined, better organized,
and more comprehensive.


The specific goals of the revised Level-II exam are to:

 - Broaden the knowledge of both astronomy and astrology

 - Demonstrate ability to delineate a natal chart

 - Insure knowledge and skills in calculations of predictive technique

 - Integrate predictive techniques for a comprehensive event analysis


At this point, both L-I and L-II  and the proctored part of L-III are available online.

When/if necessary, in-person on-paper exams are also available.

Go to the different menu tabs to explore all your options.


The information includes:

 - The PAA Professional Certification program

 - Detailed Study curriculum

 - Explanations on the exam procedures, for both online and in-person

 - Application and registration for the various exam levels


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