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                     Professional Astrologers Alliance (PAA)
                             Testing Procedures

Testing for the Four Levels of PAA Professional Certification is available to anyone who is ready to take it.


Skipping a level is not permitted. You cannot apply for any level (2,3,4) before completion of the preceding ones. Exceptions to this are covered by the Equivalency program:  see  PAA Certification


As of 2021, the traditional format of the exams (in-person, on-paper, sit-down, with a supervising proctor) is being adapted to online testing allowing the exams to be taken anywhere and at any time with in-person or online monitored proctoring. Traditional ‘paper’ testing is still available in certain cases. Level-I, Level-II, and Level-III are currently available online.


‘Online’ or ‘Traditional’?

The documents below provide the necessary information and help you determine your options.

Please follow your chosen procedure to ensure your successful smooth testing.

   OnLine Testing Procedures

   Traditional Testing Procedures

 Click here to review Testing Fees


The Online test includes remote live supervision which is done through an online proctoring service such as monitoredu  NOTE: You are responsible for the fees for the proctoring service. Monitoredu charges $20 for proctoring. They state that it is for 3 hours, but we have clarified with them that if you need the full five hours for the exam the proctoring set-up for $20 will continue through the end of the exam.
You can also take the online exam in a live setting with a PAA-approved proctor in the room.
if you are able to arrange this, you will need to pay the fees
the live proctor requires.


Note: NCGR Members Discount is applied at the time of payment.
To get the discount you will need to provide a proof of membership.
Sign in to your NCGR profile (if you are a member) at
Take a screenshot of the Membership card and upload it when you make the PAA exam payment.
You can find the upload option on the payment screen.

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