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                                Professional Astrologers Alliance (PAA)  


                                                                            PAA-NCGR Certification


The PAA Curriculum and Certification Program offers many learning options to students of astrology who wish to improve their understanding of the subject and attain certification of their accomplishments. The program was originally created by the education committee of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) in 1979, and now administered by an independent certifying board, the Professional Astrologer's Alliance (PAA).


The PAA Curriculum and Certification Program provide a set of standards that were originally designed to be the equivalent of a 4-year college major in astrology.  The program has been revised and improved since its origination and it continues to evolve.


Students applying for the NCGR Certification Program may take courses from any number of sources including those provided by teachers for the many NCGR chapters, from teachers associated with other organizations and schools - or they may be self-taught.  


There are also Equivalency programs with the following astrological entities for some parts of the PAA Certification: 

  American Federation of Astrologers (AFA),

  International Academy of Astrology (IAA),

  Kepler College for Astrological Education.  

For more information on Certification and on the Equivalency program continue to read: PAA Certification


NOTE: PAA provides curriculum information for all 4 levels in the special Study Guide, that can be purchased on this site.  As of 2021 Level-I exam material has been revised and upgraded, and beginning in 2023 Level-II material has also been upgraded, and expanded.


These changes have not yet been applied to the existing Study Guide. In order to ensure that your course material is up-to-date, use the links below to get the full comprehensive description of the updated exam topics.



Level-I Exam Updates      (Spanish text)   (Turkish text)

Level-II Exam Updates 


Level-III Exam Information   (Refer to the existing Study Guide)


Level-IV Exam Information 

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