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                                    Professional Astrologers Alliance (PAA)



The Professional Astrologers’ Alliance (PAA) oversees the highest standards for astrological certification. PAA does not provide classes, but it supports and encourages education through its certified astrologers, many of whom are listed on this site. PAA also recognizes the value of astrological education provided by established organizations and schools around the world. These sources vary in standards and curriculum and are not promoted directly by PAA.


PAA also has established equivalencies with established astrological schools that have comprehensive programs that prepare students for certifications.


Students who wish to go through the PAA professional Certification Program should first examine the certification information   PAA Certification  on this site, to make sure that the PAA curriculum is covered by their teacher/school, as well as see if their school is included in the PAA Equivalency program.


At this time, the certification is primarily for Western tropical astrology (modern and classical), although exams do require some cursory knowledge of other systems such as Vedic, Mesoamerican and Chinese astrology.



Courses and Classes Provided by PAA Certified Astrologers


1. NCGR Online Education "Toward Mastery and Certification"

       by Meira Epstein, C.A.,NCGR-PAA  Click Here


2. NCGR Online Education Courses (Spanish)

       by Monica Escalante-Ochoa, C.A.,NCGR-PAA  Click Here

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