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NCGR-PAA  Certification Tests

Current fees for each level of testing are as follows:

                 Level I                                            $ 60   NCGR Members       $ 115  non-Members

                 Level II                                           $ 70   NCGR Members       $ 125  non-Members

                 Level III (Proctored Exam)          $ 80   NCGR Members       $ 135  non-Members

                 Level III (Take-Home Exam)       $ 125   NCGR Members     $ 190  non-Members

                 Level IV (Rectification)                $ 125 NCGR Members       $ 190  non-Members                                       Level IV (Consulting;                   $ 200  NCGR Members      $ 260  non-Members                                            Technical Research;  General Studies Research; or Instruction)


The Study Guide is an essential adjunct for preparing for NCGR-PAA testing, since it covers the entire curriculum of studies for certification testing. It is modestly priced at $20 plus shipping
& handling and is available through the link below. it includes material on classical astrology in Levels I and II. Vedic, Chinese, and Mesoamerican astrology have also been included in the Level III proctored exam.

The take-home exam for Level III still requires the in-depth mundane essay but it also requires an exercise in electional astrology as follows: electing the best times for four specific events from a given natal chart (instead of the previous requirement of calculating and analyzing a solar return chart). Questions on solar and lunar returns analysis are now covered in the Level III proctored exam. Although an essay on professional ethics is included in the other required material for the Level IV Consultation Track, questions on ethics are also interspersed throughout all three levels of the proctored exams.

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